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"Fesperman's prose is almost photographic, creating vignettes saturated with color and humming with life."
   —Marilyn Stasio, New York Times Book Review on The Letter Writer

Safe Houses

Welcome to the world of Dan Fesperman, whose novels of intrigue have captured acclaim in eleven different languages, while winning a Dashiell Hammett Award in the United States and two Dagger awards in the United Kingdom.

His latest novel, Safe Houses, is about a young woman who discovers a nefarious truth at the heart of the CIA's operations in postwar Berlin and goes on the run for her life; years later she's gruesomely murdered along with her husband, and her daughter begins to chase down these startling secrets from her past. Dan's previous novel, The Letter Writer, was selected as one of 2016's Top Ten Crime Novels by the New York Times.

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